Shooting in CS:GO. Definitive beginners guide

We’ll look at some basic elements of shooting in Counter Strike in this guide. If you are a newbie, you can get really confused. You join the match, and you think that all the other players know all the smallest shelters, which you would not have guessed. Your team gets to the plant A or B just in 10 seconds, and you got lost in the ventilation. And then you get out of this maze and you meet a squad of enemies in front of you and die just in a click. And the most surprising is that you were a man with a bomb, and you didn't even realize it. So, welcome to Counter-Strike bro!


With the release of one of the patches, newcomers are no longer allowed to play with experienced players. At least at first. Experienced players can easily find practice games in accordance with their levels here:

You will have to play in normal mode until you raise your private rank to the third level. This mechanics not only counteracts hackers but also allows you to get familiar with the basic principles and game mechanics.

First tip

Don't worry about what’s going on in casual mode matches. They are called casual because most of the players in this mode are not particularly eager to win. I think no one will be angry if you do something wrong. You came here to learn how to play. This is the best place for it. Relax and have fun.



The most important skills you should gain in Counter Strike are kind of simple. But they're not intuitive at all, especially if you've never played CS before. The easiest way to keep the crosshair at the height of the enemies head but also you need to stay and don’t move during the shooting to improve accuracy. You can't just rush the enemies location and kill all of them on the go like in Call of Duty. As your skills are getting better you will learn to strafe, stop, shoot and strafe again. You will get faster and more accurate and precise. Finally, you will become a master of the dance of death in CS:GO.


This video by TheWarOwl perfectly describes the basic movements of CSGO:

Your bullets do not fly in a straight line. They slightly change the trajectory in accordance with the recoil of the weapon. Beginners will be useful to try shooting bursts in order to get used to the recoil and minimize its impact. Shooting spray (this is when you pull the trigger to the end) is usually used in close combat. If you shoot a spray, lower the crosshair down to compensate the recoil. If you've only spent a few bullets, don't recharge right away. It’s better to make sure you're ready to meet other unexpected enemies. Find a safe place to recharge and do not recharge unnecessarily.


The video below perfectly describes all the nuances of single shooting, shooting bursts and spray:


It is important to remember that each type of weapon has own spray pattern. Do not forget about this aspect, since after the first couple of shots the trajectory of the bullets changes. Bullets are flying higher and wag left and right. One of the most complicated skills in the game is control spray. It’s when you make playback of the pattern of spray in the reverse order using the mouse to minimize the recoil. It sounds complicated, and it is!


By the way, here's an interesting fact. The accuracy increases when you are changing the direction of movement. For example, when you strafe right and then in a moment strafe to the left, for a millisecond. When you change direction you are accurate enough to make the decisive shot.